Rising Above All The Borders That Separate Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanI hope that this convention will become a turning point. We will start treating each other more seriously; we will finally start getting closer to each other; we will stop paying attention to which country we are from or that we are opposite, different.

We must rise above all the borders that separate us. We have to form a single space, and I really believe that this will happen. We must break all the barriers. Otherwise, we won’t get to the next degree.

What kind of Machsom (the barrier) do you expect to cross if you differentiate between you and me, between this and the other, between black, white, yellow, red, and so on. This immediately places a wall in front of you.

That’s how it should be in every group. In each group, we have to rise above our ego. After all, we are simply being played with from Above. The Creator deliberately gives us this egoism from the left side, and we can’t climb it.

We always see shortcomings in others. This one is disgusting to me because he picks his nose, that one because he talks in such a way, and that one because he looks at me in a strange way. This one is fat, this one is thin, this one is arrogant, and so on. Where do we get this from?

There are thousands of reasons not to connect with others. I have no problem doing this. I’m ready to push everyone away and will find a reason to be right in every case. How can I rise above this? If we don’t do this, nothing will work.
From the 2nd lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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  1. This is true. I think people will eventually see that the common denominator in all of us is our souls. It is the one thing that transcends all races, backgrounds, political positions, locations, etc. Just through deductive reasoning we can see that the one thing that makes us the same is this need for goodness and wanting to do good to others. Otherwise, how do we explain the ability for mankind to be good no matter where he is on the planet or where he is born?

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