Regaining Consciousness

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah is not disclosed by itself because people reveal it in their development. It states that according to the structure of the universe, we must come to our starting point again.

Initially, one desire was created, and this first state is called the world of Infinity. In this state, the desire and the Light that created the desire exist in absolute similarity, fusion, and mutual complementarity. Here, the desire is filled with the Light, but this is only the conceived state of the future creature. It still feels nothing.

Thus, at the beginning, it has to become opposite to the Creator, opposite to the Light. To detach itself completely from the source, the creature passes through five special stages of development called worlds. Thus, the descent of that desire takes place, that is its consistent distancing from its original state.

The first world is called Adam Kadmon. Adam is the prototype of a future human. Then comes the world of Atzilut, the world of creation, followed by Beria, the world of emanation,Yetzira, the world of formation, and Assiya, the world of action. These are the five worlds, five consecutive descents, coarsening, concealment, and departure of the Light from the desire which it fills. Each next state is like the world of Infinity except that the Light there exists in a more concealed form.

Even now, we are in the world of Infinity because there is nothing else. It’s only that this state is hidden from us behind many inner screens. We have to open them, peel them off, and then, gradually, we will begin to feel ourselves in the true form.

This is similar to the state of a person who lies unconscious. This is our state number two, here in this world. We are in complete concealment here, as if we have lost consciousness and exist in some internal fluctuations, imagining something.

If we exert ourselves in a particular way and regain consciousness,we will rise to our initial state. This is called the third state. This is also the world of Infinity. We reach it by ascending exactly the same steps of the worlds, which we passed in our descent when we were losing a sense of perfection, the complete presence of the Light. In gradually climbing the same steps, we will experience attainment, the transition from our unconscious state to the conscious one.

The first exit from the unconscious state into consciousness is called the barrier, Machsom. The most important thing for us is to cross this Machsom, to exit the state of complete detachment from the perception of global nature.

Now, we feel nature only in the form of our world and do not perceive it through spiritual desires. We experience the world while being in a totally disconnected state, not using the tools which we have at our full disposal.

We feel ourselves through our five sense organs: smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste, and tactile sensation. Thus, our sense of self is passed through our animate body. Then, inside, a specific picture appears in our mind. At the back of our brain, we have a kind of  “screen” on which everything we perceive is projected. All that adds up to a single picture of the world.

This is not what we see during the exit from the unconscious state. As soon as we have crossed the Machsom, we start feeling completely different states. We begin to sense the Light within. Our desire receives the pleasure of fulfillment, knowledge about the real world, and then a precise picture is drawn inside us.

Thus, the plan of the Creator, the original intention of the Light, is to create desire (the Light is primary, desire is secondary) so that this desire, meaning the creature becomes equal to the Light in status, power, and sensations. Naturally, this state is above our world, that is, above time, space, motion, and above the division into life, birth, and death. It is above all of that.

By discovering this new feeling inside us, we will sense ourselves existing eternally like all of nature. We will stop identifying ourselves with an “animal” that exists here in this world. It as if disappears from our perception like the smallest of our sensations.

Thus regaining consciousness, a person can somehow imagine and recall what happened to him. This sensation remains somewhere, but it is so small, so insignificant, so low in power that it is suppressed by the awareness of the existence in a great new world, infinite, eternal, and perfect. This is the Machsom that we must cross.
From the 1st lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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