Living By Different Rules

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah explains that if we want to return to our root (which is exactly what we aspire to since it’s what is important for us), we have to rise above our universe to the higher dimension, above the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality). In other words, we have to perform an action opposite to the breaking of that uniquely created desire: We need to connect with each other again.

Our egoism does not disappear in our connection; rather, we gain the strength to overcome it. Thus, the force of our unity is 620 times greater than it was initially, at the time of our creation, and that is why we feel and understand ourselves, reality, and the Creator the way that they are. This is why we grow in our world and develop from the still to the vegetative, animate, and human levels, where the human level implies similarity to the Creator.

We developed for many years at the human level until our ego became so huge that we could not get along with each other as before. In the previous generations, we were connected with each other. Each felt like he belonged to a family, had a home, parents, children, and grandchildren. He knew that he had relatives and friends who could help him in difficult times. People were attached to their families, and they lived in large families, clans, and tribes.

Today, we quickly become disconnected from our close ones, and our children grow distant from us even faster. The connection between us is lost, and we feel no need for it. Family does not seem something mandatory. It does not matter that we are alone; we feel free that way. Our egoistic desire has grown so much that we do not care about our relatives, and we are hardly interested in our friends.

Before, we used to have a lot of friends. We attended various clubs and met people who had similar interests. Today, one scarcely has a friend. People prefer to be on their own. They are indifferent toward their countries and can move to different places with a light heart. The world has become round and without borders.

Moreover, the development of the ego has brought us to a point where we have lost the natural egoistic connection between us. The ego has prepared us for a state where we can unite by the ties of a new connection which is realized, completed by us so that all the boundaries and natural differences between us that were caused by egoism disappear, and we can ascend to the level of “human,” organized not by the degree of kinship, but according to spiritual affinity.
From Lesson 2, Convention in Madrid, 6/3/2011

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