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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe interview that I gave to EFE News Agency in Spain was published on international portals in several countries. EFE is the leading Spanish language news agency and the fourth largest news agency in the world.

The list of international portals and sites that placed the interview includes Yahoo News, MSN Latino (USA), Terra (News  and Science sections), Yahoo Brasil, UOL, Globo, and others. The interview was published on several Internet sites in Mexico, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina, and Spain.

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  1. This is the English translation of the interview

    Juan Antonio Sanz
    Madrid, June 2 (EFE) .- Mankind has reached a point
    of no return, which requires a substantial change
    not perish and that transformation may come from the hands of
    Kabbalah, understood as a science and not mysticism,
    says Dr. Michael Laitman, a thinker
    revolutionary these days offers his ideas on
    “The cabal includes the current global crisis does not as such
    crisis but as a turning point to another level, ”
    where that knowledge of more than 3,700 years
    old, now spread over the Internet, can “help
    restore the natural balance “being lost
    human Laitman said in an interview with Efe.
    Philosopher, professor of Ontology and Theory
    knowledge, a master in medical biocybernetics author
    more than 40 books, Laitman has published in Spain ”
    guide to the hidden wisdom of Kabbalah “(editorial
    Nowtilus), a “practical way” as he defines it, for
    answer the deeper question of the existence
    Human: “What is the meaning of life?”.
    That vital purpose, says Laitman, is that people
    achieve “the highest spiritual level,” which, he insists,
    has nothing to do with religion or creed, but a
    authentic personal development.
    Billed as a “true visionary” by the
    Director general of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, this
    promotes scientific method global education supported
    the ancient Kabbalah, understood as a way of
    knowledge, and also on the Internet, the network can
    achieve human interconnection that can prevent
    collapse, he said.
    “The wisdom of Kabbalah disappears and reappears in
    depending on whether the time to understand its depth
    resulting environments and now they are, “said Laitman,
    who insists on removing the wisdom of Kabbalah
    any religious or magical meaning.
    “It does not belong to any religion. Judaism hates
    Kabbalah, like other religions. Is a
    knowledge that talks about the world, a science and
    physics, “he adds.
    “I was a beginner in biocybernetics scientific,
    studying similar systems, integrated, balanced
    its entirety and, through them, I came to
    cabal. And I found nothing to do with faith or
    mysticism, “said Laitman, who said” the only reality
    is inside “human.
    About two million people attend the
    Open University via the Internet by Laitman,
    designed to share the wisdom of Kabbalah with
    examining traditional kabbalistic sources as “The
    Zohar book, “The tree of life” or “study
    the ten Sefirot. ”
    They are, however, plain language and common Laitman
    and, above all, modern and scientific understanding of
    cabal brands that differentiate knowledge from which
    For centuries the Jews remained hidden Kabbalists
    in closed circles.
    “It was written in the sources of the cabal that would
    time in the late twentieth century in which humanity
    fall into the same crisis that led to his
    spread over thousands of years and then be revealed to
    again the wisdom of Kabbalah, “said Laitman.
    The student, who participates in a series of lectures
    this weekend in Madrid and in the coming days
    will travel to Moscow to offer his teachings,
    the signs said that in recent times seem
    confirms that humanity is at a time
    On young people who manifest these weeks in
    plazas of Spain to demand political change and
    system, Laitman regrets the confusion which
    “They themselves did not know what they want. I was there today and
    I spoke with them. Unfortunately all of humanity is
    in the same situation. People do not work, but
    Worse, this situation will worsen, “he predicts.
    According to Laitman, “we must build a new society
    global, interconnected, in the same manner as the
    rest of nature, otherwise we
    will become a cancer on the Earth. “EFE

  2. Thank you for clarifying the wisdom as beyond Judaism, I fear that this is a barrier to our progress. It has to become a human science, owned by no one. Such a thing is egoistic pride, let us truly give such a thing away.

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