How Do Altruistic Cells Produce An Egoist?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My body consists of multiple cells that are programmed to constantly “think” about the entire organism instead of themselves. Each cell works as if it is certain that the latter will provide it with all that it needs, as in the mutual guarantee.

How does this mass of cells ultimately produce my “self” that is completely opposite to them and desires to receive for its own gratification? When does this switch occur?

Answer: In other words, there is a system that includes the still, vegetative, and animate degrees governed by nature from Above, and it remains in harmony and mutual guarantee. What happens with the speaking degree? It seems as if you can do whatever you please and get away with it, answering to no one, that it’s all up to you.

Nowadays, in our world, we begin to understand and become aware of the fact that the speaking level requires correction just like all the other levels preceding it, which are operated by nature in the correct way. The still, vegetative, and animate degrees within us and nature that surrounds us indeed exist in the mutual guarantee. You don’t need to correct anything else but the intention at the speaking degree.

Question: So, does it mean that my body is spiritual while only my “self” is corporeal?

Answer: Your body is spiritual, and you must not correct it. At its level, it acts as a spiritual one. In phases one, two, and three of the expansion of the Direct Light, there isn’t a vessel yet. There is no desire; therefore, there is no separation from spirituality.

It could be compared to the degrees of our bodies for which correction is not necessary. They have flaws that we project onto them from the fourth, speaking level and thereby impair them. However, that doesn’t mean that they are uncorrected.

We damaged nature, and we view it as damaged afterward. However, it is we who did it! As to nature itself, it always stays in balance, in equilibrium. We observe how one beast consumes another, and in our mind, it is an evil act. However, it is not. If we would take the time to thoroughly examine it all, we would see that this is their way of taking care of each other, cleaning nature, and ultimately living in peace since everything derives from the balance of forces.

Thus, only the fourth phase, human within human, needs to be corrected. The first three degrees are corrected in Him, and if the fourth phase becomes reformed, we will see the world as perfect, including man’s body and all that exists.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/20/2011, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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