Falling Asleep In The Enemy’s Grip

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why aren’t modern scientists discovering the essence of what is happening?

Answer: On the contrary, they are gradually digging out the essence. Many people are already discovering and writing that human society has to strive to unite. It is written, “Believe in the wisdom of the nations.” They have knowledge and they see that unity really is necessary. We simply don’t have any other choice. People can see this with their own eyes even without being on the spiritual path, without acquiring the method of correction.

Moreover, they will widely voice the need for unity themselves. We should only encourage this process with all our might.

But the most important thing that will be required of us is to let all the people know through all the possible means, using all the channels, that there is a method, a means. This is where the problem lies: How can we present this method to the world so it would take the medicine? How can we rewrite the entire science of Kabbalah in a way so people won’t turn away from it?

We have to act gradually: Now we aren’t talking about the Creator, the Torah, the commandments, and so on. We are only picking up the thought about unity and continuing it. We continue to explain more and more, until people’s understanding will undergo specific changes and most importantly, they will undergo inner development by means of the Light. Then new points in the heart will be revealed, and besides, the world will be able to realize that “Israel” is a function, a predestination. And suddenly, everyone will begin to interpret us differently.

For that we must gradually bring our part, the method of correction, to the people. They will talk about the crisis and the need to unite on their own. We must only explain how exactly that unity can be accomplished.

We feel pained by the inability to unite, as if the Creator, nature, is leading us to a dead-end just so we would kill each other. Just like in Ancient Babylon, we are standing before an invariable law. We hate one another and at the same time we totally, boundlessly depend on one another. So what should we do? My enemies are standing behind my back ready to kill me, but I am falling asleep in their arms like a baby. Is that possible?

Nature is leading us to a dead-end, a catastrophe. This is what we have to talk about with the world, clearly showing it that this is the best possible state in order to receive the method of correction.

From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/11, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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