Evil Under The Microscope

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe mustn’t enjoy bad news. Why shouldn’t we come to final correction positively? All we have to do is find the “one bad apple in the barrel of apples,” the 1% of evil in the 99% of good—and start working. It all depends on our realization of evil, our sensitivity to it. And that is the purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah: for us to develop sensitivity for the realization of evil.

We have to discover evil by milligrams, “under the microscope,” which will be enough to see how enormous and unbearable it is. The sages said that the righteous view the evil inclination as an enormous mountain. In other words, the last drop of evil still seems monstrous to them. Meanwhile, the wicked think their evil is as thick as a strand of hair: “What is there to talk about?”

Thus, everything depends on how conscious you are and what enlargement factor your “magnifying glass” has. Hence, we must never feel good about unrest, hunger, and other problems of the world that keep flooding in. We have to cultivate the realization of evil, and that is what our dissemination of Kabbalah is supposed to awaken in humanity.

What are we disseminating? Our authority? No. The authority of Baal HaSulam? No. The authority of the Creator? Not this either. We want people to learn the authority of the evil inclination, the ego, which runs the show and is the cause of all misfortunes. And if they are calling for overthrowing their governments, they may at least try to understand that we have to shake off the power of this “foolish, old king” in ourselves.

That’s what we are supposed to demonstrate, in order for man to better understand who holds the grip on him and who must be charged for all misfortunes and problems. Our escape from evil is determined by how conscious of it we become. Rejection of evil is the force driving our growth. This is all we need.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/2011, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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