Bringing People A Little Closer To The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The global crisis has already announced itself publicly. When will the public start asking questions about what’s going on? When will the storm come?

Answer: This depends on us. We have to do our best to disseminate the method of our correction. Our message is simple, and we can offer it to the governments of the countries that are already in trouble.

The key problem is what to do with the sky-rocketing egoism. A human being has a normal, earthly desire to be provided with all that is necessary for his existence. He needs food, family, and the other things he can’t do without. Besides that, his egoistic desire aimed at receiving more keeps growing. It is so inherent in every one of us that we can’t even define what a basic necessity is.

Will a person be satisfied if he receives his daily bread, so to speak? No, he will not. What do we do with egoism then? What can we fill the black hole with?

The answer to this is as follows: Egoism grew so that we can transform it into spiritual desire, a spiritual vessel filled with attainment, bestowal, love, and finally with the upper Light. How is it done? How do we make a transition from a society of receivers, insatiable in its quest for material wealth, to a society of minimal consumption, grounded on basic needs?

If we don’t, the world will not be able to exist due to our rapidly depleting the planet’s natural resources. Consumerism will not be able to satisfy our egoism anymore. The people of the world won’t be able to shop store to store, filling their carts “to the gills.” The feast is over, and from now on, everyone gets only what he or she needs.

How then do people get fulfilled? We have to send all these millions to school. They will receive all the necessary goods in exchange for their studying. Otherwise, they are not entitled to even that much. And indeed, why should they be? Trouble is trouble, and everyone is in it. The government provides them with basic necessities, everyone continues to live where they do, stability is preserved, and at the same time, everybody starts studying.

What do they study exactly? They study the laws of life in the integral system. In reality, they are the laws of the group, but Kabbalah is not mentioned during the lessons. The subject is systems and mechanisms pertaining to a unified society. Getting all that they need, at least during the class, people hear and study the facts proving that we don’t have another way to survive but through unity.

You are dealing with “savages” coming to learn, who wish only to make money and get certain benefit. But gradually, they begin to understand there is no other option, that we have entered a new system, and that the world will develop differently now. Consumerism is finished; this type of society is dying out. It didn’t live that long anyway, at maximum for a hundred years, from the end of the 19th century through the 70s-90s of the 20th century. And even during this time there have been crises, including the Great Depression of the 30s.

Thus, people begin to study, while the government provides them with all they need, which is much less costly than creating new jobs. The latter is pointless since nobody will be buying what may be produced. Besides, the raw materials and energy are almost gone.

Thus, the most concise and cheap solution is to send people to school, regardless of where it may be: at home via the Internet, in theaters or auditoriums, or anywhere else. The key is to place everybody in an educational framework. In the meantime, studying is going to make one wiser and allow him to understand that he is entering a new world, where the previous laws do not work. Baal HaSulam writes it as well: We must all go to school and learn yet again how to live in the future.

Eventually, thanks to the studies, people will gain a new desire and start perceiving changes in it, until they come to understand that fulfillment can come from another, higher degree. The process will be gradual since we are dealing with a gigantic mass which is beginning to ripen. It will truly transform us as well.

As of today, we don’t have any other options. This is why no one can find anything. But just imagine how much Light these hundreds of millions can draw by merely listening to what they are taught. This is the solution that Baal HaSulam is pointing at, the solution that suggests itself to us logically since there aren’t any other means except for bringing people a little closer to the Light.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/2011, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. I have been listening to these Kabbalah videos (& read also one book by Laitman) for the last weeks, and what I heard is that a main part in it is grouped around “giving & receiving”. I have been studying that, and especially “the right attitude” of it for some years now through Marshall Rosenberg (who is an international conflict mediator) and I would like to ask if the right attitude or intention of giving according to Kabbalah is compatible with what Rosenberg is saying about it(from his experience): If you are giving to another person, “do so with the attitude of a little child feeding a hungry duck. Don’t do it, if you are doing it from duty or obligation.” (Because the latter destroy the beauty or the devine feedback from giving) Is that somehow part of it, or at least compatible? Or is this not part of Kabbalahs “beauty of giving & receiving”?

  2. The ‘monetary ‘ crisis which is caused by the egoism of the writers of private credit, who then lending it into the system can be resolved by us each writing our own credit and giving it into the system.
    One method – contract/ hate – wants the money back, the other gift/ love does not. Thus the mutual guarantee occurs on a material level.

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