Beware Of The Dog!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Feeling hatred towards others, I feel as if an “animal” is hidden inside me, which is stronger than me. How can I gain power over this “animal”?

Answer: Gaining power over our ego is possible only under one condition: that we see how much we lose because of that “animal” that controls us. We are ruled by our ego, and it does not allow us to achieve an eternal, perfect life in a good, kind world.

If I saw how much my ego steals from me, how much it has taken from me and does not give me, then I would hate it. But I do not hate it and I even love it; I identify myself with it because my entire life is, in fact, to fulfill it. How can I feel that my ego is death for me?

The most important thing that I can do is to enter the group, the environment, so that it raises the importance of spirituality for me, the importance of bestowal and unity with others because thanks to this in particular I reveal life at the human level. If I am impressed by the environment and it can influence me, then I attain enough strength to overcome my ego.

All our work and efforts are necessary to reach the realization of evil, our egoistic desire. Today, it seems useful for me: The more I desire, the more I earn, gain power, or steal. More, more, more…. In our society, those who have a big ego appear to be more successful.

I have to convince myself that obtaining a good life in this world deprives me of a spiritual, beautiful life and lies to me by depicting a good life here, in this world. This is only possible in an environment that can “brainwash me,” influence me, persuade me. The opinion of the environment can work on me so much that I want to rise above the power of my egoism.

Then, I will begin to experience life at a different level which I did not feel before. It happens instantly; there is no transition. I immediately feel that there is life outside of me, not inside me, when I constantly wanted to fill myself as much as possible. On the contrary, I sense life when I exit this “animal” which cannot absorb anything.

By doing this first step, I reveal the upper world right away. What is “the upper world?” The reality where I live now is called “this world.” But the reality which I feel outside of myself, in the connection with my friend, with a fellow human being, is called “the upper world” because it is the human level which is more exalted than the animate one.
From Lesson 1, Convention in Spain, 6/3/2011

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  1. are you saying that it is true “obtaining a good life in this world deprives me of a spiritual, beautiful life and lies to me by depicting a good life here, in this world.”

    or is it possible to have a good life materially and spiritually?

    forgive me, i may not have properly understood the writing,

    thank you

  2. @ alia ~ yes i have exactly your question 🙂 i believe it is true to have both ;)) * Love- and money-energy 🙂

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