“Ask The Kabbalist” – 22

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  1. Seems like mankind doesn’t make the connection of our egos to birds falling out of the sky or any other problems in nature because we think one has nothing to do with the other. But, the birds falling out of the sky might have been from a lightening strike, that came from new storms, that came from a shifting climate, that came because we polute the earth, and poluting the earth came from individuals not caring about the environment and only thinking of themselves. Or, the birds might have fallen from the sky after hitting a plane, which came from our need to compete with each other in industries, which came from our need to acquire more wealth which came from our need to seek things outside of ourselves to fullfill ourselves and our ego. The same could be said for shark attacks that happen more often, which may come from our overfishing and affecting the ocean food chain so they are without food, which comes from us using our ocean resources for our own benefit without consideration of how it affects the environment. Had we not depleted the ocean fish, and messed with nature’s system because of our overconsumption and disregard for the environment, sharks would attack less. We would see less of these seemingly, strange occurances in nature. This is like the butterfly flapping it’s wings and causing a tsunami across the planet idea. Everything is connected.

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