The Path To The Creator Is One For All

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it so that a woman can attune herself to the Creator only through the men’s group?

Answer: Absolutely not! A woman also must personally attune herself to the Creator! This movement through the men’s group is necessary only to bring us all onto this degree. But tuning to the Creator is still an individual process.

How can a woman not be connected with the Creator?! We are moving ahead together: Men cannot advance without the women’s desire, while women cannot advance toward the Creator without the men’s effort. All of this must go together, just as together, we bear children.

Movement is birth at each new stage, when we beget the next state. A woman cannot be a sole parent and neither can a man. They must be together to create a family and take care of the common family circle, after which they produce new states.

But both men and women have a personal relationship with the Creator, while movement can only occur in the group. I attune myself to the Creator individually. But how do I receive fulfillment? I get it through the group.

The impact of the environment both on the men and the women is crucial. And a woman cannot advance if she doesn’t receive the influence of the environment, albeit that of the men’s rather than the women’s.
From the Virtual Lesson in Russian, Fundamentals of Kabbalah 4/21/2011

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Separation Brings A Descent, Unity An Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 34 “The Profit of a Land”: Every form points to another [opposite spiritual] form. Thus, all the descents where one feels that he has come to separation [from the others and within them, from unification with the Creator] are an opportunity to discern between something and its opposite.

In other words, one should learn the benefits of the ascents from the descents. Otherwise, one would be unable to appreciate the importance of being brought near from Above, and the ascents that he is given…[as it is said:] “As far as Light excelleth darkness.”

After all, only from separation can we appreciate unity between us and esteem the attainment of our unity as the attainment of the Creator, of the upper force. We have to try to give the correct definitions: Separation between us is a descent, while unity between us is an ascent. Separation, meaning a state of descent should bring us the sensation of the absence of Light, whereas an ascent should be felt as the presence of the upper Light, the Light of bestowal and love.

We have to correctly interpret the spiritual properties, the spiritual definitions. Then we will gradually get used to them and will begin to see the upper spiritual value in the words so hateful for us today: “unity,” “love,” and “adhesion.”

Only then can one assess and regard the matter of adhesion, by which the delight and pleasure in the Thought of Creation can be acquired, being “His desire to do good to His creations.”
From Lesson 8, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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