You Too Will Speak In Verse

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur whole work is meant to prepare the desire for the next degree. I exert effort in order to check myself: What exactly do I aspire to? Maybe I still think I can rise to a higher degree with my own strength, or maybe I’m not so foolish anymore and already realize that I’m unable to do this on my own and only the upper force can help me. And then I begin searching for a way to reach out to the Creator, to force Him to help me.

Kabbalists say that we can turn to the upper force only through the society, the group. So how many years will I need to work in order to explain to myself that the society is the only means to attract the Creator to help me, and my participation in the group is equal to attracting the Creator’s force for my correction? After all, if I unite with the society precisely for this and ask for only this, then He will do it, and we—I, the group, and He—will all meet there together, as it is written: "Isra-El (one who aspires straight to the Creator), the Torah (the upper Light) and the Creator are one."

This is called trying to "gain favor" from the Creator. The Creator will like you when you have the same desires as He has. You need to understand that you depend on Him and must lower your ego. Kabbalists explain this to us using the most precise words, and the second you reach the end of this work, you will begin to speak in their words; the language of the branches will be realized in you.

You will have no other words! You will begin to speak verses from the Psalms or prayer books. This is because Kabbalists took these words from their attainment: the whole order of words and letters. You will begin to speak in the same exact manner since everything that is said is undoubtedly determined by the next degree, and it is impossible to say it differently.

This is the most scientific approach from all approaches. Regular science is very minute; it works only within the bounds of this world, in these limited conditions, and thus everything is relative. However, Kabbalah is an absolutely scientific method where everything obeys one law. Only one formula is in place in the whole universe: Bestowal and reception need to unite into one whole.

This doesn’t even need to be proven to anyone. We search for some scientific proof and examples just to bring people closer to Kabbalah. However, the wisdom of Kabbalah itself does not demand any proof; it is revealed within a person.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind: Alone is nothingness. What would be without the friends and the work of the friends? In the best case an animal wining in flames.

    I need to prioritize, set up a plan and stick by it as you said. I am trying and failing to do too many things at the same time. Hopefuly I will be able to do that. I will ask for that.

    kol tuv rav
    eli feruch

  2. True and false, up and down. Sweet and sour, right and left. YHVH the H are the sweet and sour, the left and right, reflections hence they are both H. These are the ones who entered the garden and became attached to the left and right sides, becoming heretics and the insane. Yud is the small flame, smallness, the neuter who lies and cares for neither left or right. This is the one who died. The tall flame, Vav, is gadlut, adulthood, largeness, because it stands above th left and right and loves all. This is Akiva, who entered in peace and left in peace, being a peace maker. But we lost something, the name is broken for it is no longer coupled to the infinite. …YHVHYHVHYHVH… is more proper. But in respect to our particular phase, gadlut is what is needed, the unifiers, the peace makers. So Vav should be first, making VHY as the Hs should be unified anyway. The breaking was that we forgot what all this was about. Its root power, the force that broke us was sexuality, too strong to resist. But the time of correction is at hand, and the successor to marriage, the restriction placed to hold us in check, is almost obsolete. Imagine a loving world where all could love all? In the crudest and most noble sense, the highest and lowest, as the middle line extends without end in both directions.

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