Understanding On The First Try

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we pass an additional view of reality to a person so that he would notice that there is something else out there, beyond his usual perspective?

Answer: Until a person has evolved to a certain degree and tried all types of philosophy and methodology that derive from his innate egoism, there is nothing you can do. To clarify, he must first arrive at a deep disappointment and dissatisfaction with the world he lives in.

  1. First, I discover that I feel bad. This is a mandatory stage.
  2. Moreover, I must clearly feel that it won’t get better.
  3. Most importantly, I should realize that the cause of all evil is my own egoism.
  4. Therefore, all my actions only make it worse for me, as it is written: “Sit and do nothing—better.” It’s better if you keep your mouth shut and don’t move since any move you make is rooted in your egoism and leads to more evil in the world.
  5. Then, a person starts looking for a solution and how to continue living. Such discernments have to include all of the previously walked paths and experiences such as religion, philosophy, and science. After all, even science was developed egoistically, and it won’t help us step out of physical reality. Thus, we examine this all and conclude that nothing can solve it.
  6. At last, we might finally be willing to heed the Kabbalists’ advice.

This is how long the path is, which definitely requires the existence of the Kabbalah circulation system. Otherwise, we will never see humanity undergo this evolutionary path and reach some positive result. One may wonder:

  • How many times a person needs to feel pain before he decides not to take it anymore?
  • How many times is one supposed to say that he or she doesn’t want to suffer any more until they finally admit that they have to change something?
  • How many times does one need to understand that something needs to be done in that direction?

Thus, to achieve some result, we have to go through multiple actions that all bring us problems, pain, and suffering.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/10/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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