Two Paths

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is no doubt that our state is the most insignificant one and there is nothing worse than it. There’s nothing to discuss here. This is the reality given to us from Above and no matter what you say, you cannot revoke that fact.

The Creator says, “Yes, I created egoism and this entire world. All of that is true, but this is just the initial point. Quit sitting there and crying. Start acting as you should already! I have prepared all of the means for you, so use them!”

But no one wants to hear about some kind of correction, work, efforts, and changes. Usually we only know how to sit and complain about the fact that we feel bad.

There are two ways out of every state we are in. And in reality our state is not as bad as it seems to us. Rather, it is truly horrible because we do not see what we are losing compared to the world of Infinity, where we have the opportunity to be.

We are not shown that infinite state since otherwise we would leap there egoistically. In order to stop us, this light state is concealed. This enables us to work and develop as normal, using the force of the group, and thus to advance toward bestowal instead of turning into egoistic parasites (Klipa) and chasing only pleasure, not having the strength to refuse it.

There are two paths out of this lowest and worst state. To try to advance on your own, initiating your own development, or if we don’t want this, then there is a machine or a program of nature that pushes us to develop according to the sequence of states that is recorded there: the relationships between the Light and the desire which stand one opposite the other.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Leson 2/28/11, “Introduction to the book Panim Meirot uMasbirot”

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