The Transition To The Global World

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter millennia of concealment, the science of Kabbalah is only now beginning to be revealed. We see how in our modern world everything changes so quickly that it is impossible to keep up. But the problem isn’t even the rate of development, but rather the fact that a completely different, qualitative development has begun.

In the past we developed inside our egoistic desire which constantly grew, becoming greater and greater, and it was clear to us that the future would hold the same things as before, only on a bigger scale. Now, however, we have made our way into a situation where development is not simply multiplying and accelerating, but is becoming global.

In the past every part of the system developed independently, and that is why we somehow coped with each of the parts. Yet development in the common, global system where all the parts are interconnected takes place absolutely differently. And because of our nature we are unable to cope with these problems since we are egoists and individualists inside. We do not have a global approach and perception. Therefore, we are unable to work with the integral system.

These two kinds of systems also exist in technology: numeric/discreet and analog. The difference between them is vast. In the beginning of my professional life I studied various systems in the human body and saw how much they differ. One part of the system works discretely and closed inside, but afterward when all the parts unite together, they work integrally by an analog principle.

We know how to research and create analog systems. This is the principle by which all of our devices are structured and systems are built. But we are unable to cope with integral systems. We do not understand them because their beginning and end are connected into one, and such a system does not work sequentially from beginning to end, but all of it operates simultaneously.

To supplement all other existing sciences that study isolated, discrete systems, the science of Kabbalah works with global, integral systems. That is exactly why it is being revealed now in order for us to find out how we can survive in this global world that is being revealed to us.
From my lecture in Paris on 2/1/11

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