The System Of Mutual Work Is The Key To Success

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsQuestion: What can we do to avoid being satisfied with our external effort?

Answer: If a person knows that only the intention to reach the goal, which he constantly discerns, brings him closer to spirituality, then he doesn’t view action as the key. Intention is the Kli (vessel) where he receives the reward, and therefore, all discernments take place in it. Actions without intention are not taken into account at all.

Perhaps a person pleases the Creator, but with an intention to gratify himself. It is the greatest impure force, a Klipa (shell). The most exalted degree of bestowal is balanced with the biggest Klipa: The action is the same while the intention differs.

On the outside, it doesn’t show, and a person seems to be yearning to bestow. Pharaoh, the desire to feel pleased, obeys the Creator’s orders precisely. A person acts according to his desire and mobilizes all his strength, if only to feel good for one’s own sake. He constantly thinks about the Creator (since it is the source of pleasure) and strives to do his best for this source, but for his own good. This is regarded as Pharaoh, the angel of death.

To avoid this, as in any other case, only a clear vision of the goal and mutual support can help. Without interaction, there is no chance to remain on the path without falling. The current generation is the generation of correction, and its success depends on mutual support: Correction occurs based on mutual guarantee and caring. There is no other source to draw the right energy and direction from.

And it is good because there is always work to do in demanding a closer connection. And if we feel it isn’t authentic but superficial, that is fine too. This course is easier than an individual one despite the fact that everyone depends on all the others. Only the collective yearning toward unity and annulment by each of us in regard to the upper degree (the teacher, the group, and the books) will help guard against complacency.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/31/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Just erase dozens of egoistical words. The work, the intention, the chosen, targeted, words of this blog and the lessons, all the work of the friends..

    Only the intentionS. As many as possible. Yet I am disoriented with my buildings and the actions in this world: yes the lie of all lies, of course, it is obvious; but it will all clarify. No reason why it should not. I never was there before. Total ignorant. Huge effort ahead? Not even I am not capable of it. Intention. Light. Put everything “ha la shulchan” and the light will sort it out.

    I feel far from understanding honor, but never despised egoistical falsehood and egoistical lies as now. Dont want to tolerate anything about it anymore, at all costs. Something will happen.

    Kol tuv rav

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