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  1. Dear Rav,

    I am the mother of a sixteen-year-old son, who is very disillusioned with the world, feels very cynical about life in general, and does not see a great deal of hope in the future. As a result, he does not see much point in studying at school, or working towards anything in this world. His father is not very supportive and does not set him a good , strong example to follow. We are divorced and I have brought him up mainly on my own. However, in spite of that, he has a loving heart and perceptive intelligence, I feel that all he needs is something to inspire him, to awaken him from his negativity. As a kabbalah student myself I was wondering how to attract his attention to kabbalah without making him feel I am trying to force feed him something or indoctrinate him. I sense his point in the heart is awakening but I do not know how to proceed. I sense he has a strong loving soul, and a lot of potential. I have sent him some Bnei Baruch videos on facebook and he liked them. Having talked with him many times, I know he feels the Creator but does not know how to approach or tune into Him. Does Bnei Baruch have any educational programmes available for teenagers who know nothing about spirituality, and would run a mile from anything religious or authoritarian?

    Thank you for bringing these teachings to the world and just for being there.

    Love and blessings,

    Miriam Patrick.

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