The Chain Along Which The Light Is Passed On

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the world be able to accept your message as not being tied to religion while your group is in Israel and seems to be following religious traditions?

Answer: We are trying to spread Kabbalah all around the world and in a form which would be acceptable to everybody. But it is impossible and unnecessary to conceal the fact that Kabbalah roots in the nation of Israel, accompanied it over the course of history, and was passed on along the chain of Kabbalists who were part of this nation.

After all, Israel is a unique people. Its basis is not a nationality, as it is in case of the other 70 nations of the world, but rather a group of Kabbalists that was founded by Abraham. This group of Kabbalists was regarded as the people of Isra-El, which means “straight to the Creator” (Yashar Kel) because its goal is to reveal the Creator to man in this world.

We have to continue this mission and become the “the kingdom of holy priests” (Mamlechet Cohanim), meaning to bring to the entire world the method of correction and channel the Light to all its peoples. This is what the nation of Israel is designated to do so that “everyone will know the Creator, from the smallest to the greatest” since “His Temple will be called the house of prayer for all nations.”

This is why I don’t think that if we act as absolutely unattached and we cut the ties with our roots and our history altogether, we would succeed. We cannot detach ourselves from the root; we must remain connected to it.

A person, as he or she advances, starts to understand what Israel’s mission is and from where the nation derived. He changes his attitude to the nation of Israel as to the bearer of the method of correction. He no longer regards it as a nationality, but as a unique group of Kabbalists, spiritual teachers, who must serve humanity and assist it in reaching the spiritual world.

The world’s attitude will change. Today, we already have a lot of students around the world who are with us in heart and in soul and understand that from here, the Israel center, the Light goes out into the world. Thus the method of correction is realized.

A person cannot achieve correction and lack understanding of how it took place in history and why.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/20/2011, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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