Not A Magic Trick, But Precise Spiritual Physics

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “the Light that Reforms,” the miraculous force (Segula)?

Answer: The force that I want to attain is now influencing me from afar. I haven’t reached it yet, but it already shines on me from afar to the degree I aspire to it.

Inside of us there are pairs of informational genes (Reshimot): ones from the Light (Reshimo de Hitlabshut) and ones from the desire (Reshimo de Aviut), with the Reshimo from the Light always being a level higher. For example, I can have Reshimo 0/1 (Shoresh de Aviut and Aleph de Hitlabshut) where Aleph de Hitlabshut is my next level. This Reshimo lets me feel some sort of aspiration to this future level—that I desire it!

Aleph de Hitlabshut is the Surrounding Light that shines for me if I awaken a desire within me on this Reshimot of Aleph de Hitlabshut. I already have some kind of vestment (Hitlabshut) of this Light—something from the next level! That’s because Reshimot from the Light are always a level higher than the desires: 0/1, 1/2, 2/3, and so on.

This informational data (Reshimot) have remained in us from our descent from above downward. They are completely tangible and scientific notions and qualities, precisely expressed through numbers and changing discretely to the degree I ascend from one level to the next while realizing Reshimot.

By working with my current Reshimo I awaken the Light on a higher level because in my Reshimot I have a part of the future Light. We descended from Above downward in such a way that we retained a connection between the levels: the lower part of the upper level is immersed in the upper part of the lower.

This is a completely precise system. We call its action “a miracle” (Segula) because we are unable to check it in our desires or instruments of perception right now. For now these desires are only growing by virtue of the Light we attract. But all of this is precise physics and not some sort of magic tricks or prayers about what might or might not happen.

If you activate this system precisely as Kabbalists explain, then you turn on its mechanisms. You are inside of this system and you turn on this machine so it would work on you. This is what you are being taught.

You don’t have to go until the very end to see the results. You gradually begin to see the proof of what you study. Even if you haven’t attained the spiritual sensation yet, you already notice how on this path you open up your inner world, your sensitive perception, mind, and the knowledge of the interconnections in reality. You begin to notice this even in relation to the material world and you understand how childish the behavior is of other people around you and how confused they are.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/11, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. You say: “: the lower part of the upper level is immersed nedsenket, fordypet in the upper part of the lower”.

    It seems to me like a chain. Will this means that the letter Aleph is a link in this chain, like as the image of a base pair of DNA string?

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