From "Philosophy" to Real Sensation

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou can tell me about a thousand interesting things that are going on, but I don’t accept them as real if I don’t see and know them for myself. Help me get to know and feel these things. I’ll be ready to listen only if you are going to expand my organs of perception and not my imagination.

If you want to give me a telescope or a microscope, I’m willing to accept them. I’m ready to develop a new sensory organ, but only if it remains within the realm of my rational and critical analysis.

This is the kind of scientific and realistic approach that Kabbalah talks about. However, thousands of years ago, an “error” occurred: The Kabbalists taught the future Greek philosophers the correct scientific approach, but these students stepped outside of it. They didn’t want to go against their egoism and use the science of Kabbalah for their own correction. They thought that they could examine the world without correcting themselves. This led to the development of philosophy.

This doesn’t only pertain to ancient Greece. This is a simple human approach. Almost anyone will say: “Why should I correct myself when I understand everything!” But this is impossible. First, one must reveal the state he’s in. Then, only in this degree, is he allowed to discuss it.

Religion is also based on this approach in the sense that it doesn’t require self-correction. You carry out some action, and all is well. You believe that you’ve established a connection with the Creator. This is called spiritual exile. It’s the “spiritual” form of existence without any real sensation of it. Thus, it is said in regard to this period: “We were like in a dream.”

Kabbalah calls upon people to return to the proper way of approaching reality, to go from philosophy to science, from religion to love and bestowal, and toward obtaining a new organ of perception by which a person will see everything for himself.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/2011, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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