An Internet Link To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn truth, the Internet has a hidden force, the Creator! This means that within the virtual connection between people (if it evolves and increases in gaining a benevolent form) the upper force becomes revealed.

The Internet emerged specifically in order to connect people and demonstrate that a connection based on our egoistic nature can bring only evil and harm, while unification with the upper nature is good. The upper nature elevates us to another dimension, to eternal life, and liberates us from all problems. That is what the Internet will reveal to us, and I am certain that it will occur very soon judging by how quickly it is developing.

It’s impossible to stop it now, and no one will be able to unplug people from the Internet. In some places of the world they are trying to do just that, but they won’t succeed. People will feel that they are willing to destroy those who remove them from the Internet, as if they are being cut off from life itself.

We will not be able to return to the previous life that didn’t connect us all via the Internet. If anyone attempts to do so, he will become the greatest foe of humanity, and he will be annihilated just because he unplugged the Internet.

After all, it is the instrument of connection between people. By now a person has come to realize that the Internet allows him to step into another realm of existence where the entire world is before his eyes! But when this world discovers how empty it actually is, that will become a springboard to make a leap into the future world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/23/2011, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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  1. It is empty, until virtual and real unite, zvuig, then the emptiness will be filled with utter delight. Fiction and reality merger, the gateway to other dimensions. Gradual transcendence, not gradual fading….The internet is the nervous system of the upper world. The construction of the corpus callosum of the human brain, which is physically the zvuig of left and right hemispheres. The child is growing. And we go unto their awakening when we fade, all for one, and all to one. Find me an end to anything, find a single place of discontinuity, except in our shadows, or models, simplifications of reality. The only thing made out of nothing is an end. You know what we really want, we want the sun to come up again.

  2. How can this be? The internet relies on electrical power. Most of the world population does not have access to electricity at all or very limited access. How can the world be connect to the internet, when only a small fraction of the world population can access it. I do not see how your arguement makes sense.

  3. Thank you for being a good myth creator…
    Too many evil myth and illusions plagues humanity.

    In lak’ech


  4. Looking at tha image that accompanyes this article suddenly it showed like the passage to the future world trough wisdom.

  5. So which one is the magic key to connect with the hidden force, with the Creator?

  6. All actions, ideas, concepts, invents, etc. come from the Creator. Analysing the charateristics of the Internet, mainly connectivity, one easily can find why it is a powerful instrument from the Creator. Human beings are starting to get connected for egoistic purposes, at the begining. The result of the deceptive experience with the environment of the Internet will lead at, a certain moment, to demand more and more a real connection platform. One propounding a better contact among us and the Creator. To me, all exposed by Dr. Laitman makes beautiful sense.

  7. This post was an answer for the point in my soul. Due to weather and other conditions I couldn’t download any lessons or connect to the internet. Luckily I had material on my computer already and I know how to connect to the world kli in other ways but honestly, that week without the computer had a slow draining effect on me. Being able to expose ourselves to the light in absolutely necessary and it is much easier to do with the internet abilities. Thank you for this uplifting material, Rav!

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