A Person Should See The Road Ahead!

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom now on we can’t advance as we did before, blindfolded toward the unknown, without comprehension, wisdom, and precise knowledge, like animals running in an indefinite direction, fleeing to a place of safety to escape danger. This is how we have been advancing during the course of history, but today we must start evolving like the humans we are.

A human is someone who “has eyes” and sees the road ahead, knowing exactly where he is going. First, one attains the future state of existence in its “potential form,” and then he actualizes it in practice.

The forms we must now transition to are the forms of similarity to the Creator. Therefore, before anything else, we must manifest them in the connection between us, thanks to which we will acquire new properties. Then we will collectively realize our future state in practice: a stronger, tighter connection with one another, based on bestowal, wherein the Creator will be revealed.

In this manner, we will progress step by step, until we pass through all the 125 spiritual degrees. It will signify the exodus from exile to total freedom. Starting today and on, our advancement must be sighted and aware, without repeating the previous mistakes that we continually and methodically made time after time during all stages of human evolution.

Each time we tried to do something without knowing about the future, the leader who shouted loudest was given the opportunity to alter nature and human society. That person would carry out his ideas until either being overthrown or dying naturally, after which we discovered that everything he did was wrong. And the cycle would repeat all over again, from one error to the next.

Today, among all else, we are dealing with a predicament pertaining to the leadership of the world and this new trend. We are yet to see what an enormous obstacle it poses on our path and how worthless these leaders are. Eventually, they will be replaced by a worthy government, similar to the ancient “Sanhedrin” (assembly of Kabbalists), that is, an authentic spiritual council standing at the head of all of humanity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/2010, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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  1. All does not rule one, nor one all. One is a part of all, thus the question of leadership is resolved.

  2. The precession of kings will be an interesting one to observe, as hoards of demon-spawn, filthy with sin, pull and tug at the sword in the stone, futile in their efforts to claim lordship over the earth. The crown and sword will slowly move, under the strength now shifted to bestowal, and the collective awareness will accelerate and begin to awaken. As the crown arrives at the end of it’s journey, all sins forgiven, all petty details zoomed away from, as all enter unto the bright torch which contains the many candles. The unity of the world will raise together, and strangers will turn to family. On that day Cain who has wandered in pain for so long, will file his teeth and lose his taste for blood, and the world will know peace at last. No longer will man need locks and keys, for instead of keeping everyone out, we will invite our family in.

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