A Flying Jump

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe work in a “binary,” discrete form, by way of individual impulses: yes or no, connection or no connection, ascent or descent, right or left. In this way, little by little, we add one step after the other, and all of this finally forms into one integral whole.

When it is necessary to calculate the area of a certain complex shape, scientists use an integral equation: They fill this complex form with squares that can be measured and make them smaller and smaller, and in the end, they sum it all up.

On one hand, the connecting grid that works between the souls within which we reside is discrete, with individual impulses and actions. But in the end, as a result of our attainment, when we penetrate it deeper and deeper, it gets transformed into an integral network. In other words, there is such an enormous amount of ties and actions, which depend on each other so much, that we get infinity.

It isn’t just a sum at the rung where I accumulate all these properties and actions, but it is also their “summarizing” component that has another essence, from a higher spiritual degree. Conversely, from the discrete form we are moving toward the integral one. The “integral form,” the sum of these discrete forms is the Creator, One, as it is written: “He and His Name are one.” We are approaching this integral form discretely, yet by accumulating a little more with each time, by adding our little “bricks,” we connect to the One.

We, ourselves, can never reach this One. We do everything we can at our current degree, accumulate the necessary sum of efforts, and reach the degree equal to “10 Sefirot.” And finally, the leap to the next degree occurs.

But I cannot leap on my own; the upper force gives me a lift. This force is the “summing up factor,” the One. And then, instead of “10,” I reach 1 (One), like a calculator which after 10 of my clicks jumps to the next digit.

This is how we keep accumulating all our corrections until the force of “Rav Paalim u-Mekabtziel” arrives, and Gmar Tikkun (the final correction) occurs!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/2011, "The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah"

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  1. Hooray for math!

    Also, a simple way to explain why we can not attain the spiritual on our own. How can a cell become an entire body? (strangely this happens, via egg and sperm…via their breaking into many and their reunification!) It can’t it has to unite with others to MAKE a body.

    How can a man become humanity? We already shattered, now we must reunite. We cant do it on our own as we are already made of parts (each person) to by uniting just as our cells did, we will achieve collective super consciousness! (And then it keeps going … ) The trick is this third unity (cell, human, mankind) will complete the spiritual desire, as we will NEVER AGAIN FORGET WHY WE LIVE AND WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE ARE GOING! Knowledge will be perfected, and the heavens above will open to us, revealing our parents, friends and family who already exist in space per say, the larger and more unified realm. No worries, they are already here in fact, but its hard to speak to an unconscious baby that has not been born right? (: Much love, no worries, the force favors unification, so surf with the wave, not into it (unless you like salty water taste…yuck)

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