A Convention On The Angola Shore

A letter I received:

Hello Dear Group! This letter is from the “Gulf Service” sailors. We want to share our common joy: Our small group consisting of three people was together with you during the Berlin convention. We watched lessons (we downloaded them as we were unable to watch them live) and tried to connect our desires to the one common desire “Yashar-El.”

After the end of every lesson, we discussed the lesson, asked questions of one another, shared our opinions, feelings, expectations. The convention had a great effect on a friend who has recently joined us: He showered us with questions and shared how impressed he was with such an enormous gathering of friends.

We conducted the same seminars that the groups had; we discussed the same questions. And, of course, we arrived at the same conclusion that European and world unity can only be attained from the current state of lack of connectivity through the circulation of Kabbalah. To do this, we need to use all the means that exist, all the connections, all the media, and “infect” with it as many people around the world as possible.

We were together with you throughout the entire convention; we sang and raised L’Chaims with you. And we have received an enormous inner fulfillment and joy, just like the entire World Kli.

Wishing you all the best,
Sergey, Yura, Maxim,
“Gulf Service,” the Atlantic Ocean, the Angola shore

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