A Beginner’s First Questions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is the upper force that controls and brings into action the entire system. We reveal Him as much as we resemble this integral system. To this extent, we connect with the Creator, the general governing force, and become as eternal and perfect as Him.

This is the degree that every person must reach, sooner or later, if not now. Every person will have to become aware of this common system and attain the Creator.

Question: Do angels exist in the spiritual world?

Answer: Angels are forces. “Angel” (Malach) comes from the word Malchut, force.

Question: What are Sefirot?

Answer: Sefirot are specific qualities that are present in every soul, but in different combinations. This determines all the differences between us.

Question: What is “correction?”

Answer: Correction is the adjustment of our vision, our perception, which enables one to see the way the world is connected in reality. Nature is global and integrated. It does not break down into separate parts, the way we are used to dividing it in biology, zoology, botany, geography, and so on.

Nature includes everything. It is the general picture. Correction is in my newly acquired ability to see everything connected into one picture, and I, myself, also enter it together with everyone else. This is why holistic medicine is so popular in our time as it approaches the entire organism and the world in general as one whole.

Question: What is a soul?

Answer: Our soul is the part of the eternal system that we attain. We become included into this system over 125 degrees until we merge with the entire system in general. Every person must ascend the entire 125 degrees.

We have at most 230 years left (until the expiration of the 6,000 years) to complete our correction, to reveal the global, integrated world, and become completely included in it. However, we can do this sooner.

Question: What is “reincarnation?”

Answer: A person who has not completed the correction of his inclusion into the common, global system must keep reincarnating to continue his correction until he will stop being included into the common system as its part, and every one of us will “diffuse” or “spread” throughout the entire system. We will continue to reincarnate in this world until we correct ourselves this way.
From my lecture in Paris 2/1/2011

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  1. Dear Rav,

    When you say “We have left at most 230 years to complete our correction”, are you refering to a year in the sense that one understands it in the corporeal world? Does it mean humanity has until year 2240 to entirely correct itself?

  2. I have all sorts of imaginings what the “spiritual world” might be. For example when one dies they enter into the “spiritual world” to a place congruent with their current level of awareness, in this place they “live” a life where they can correct themselves until they reincarnate into the earth plane again.
    Can you explain or describe what happens to a persons individual consciousness when the physical body dies and what (if any) sort of environment may await?

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