You Chose The Land Where You Will Grow Up!

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World“: And each and every individual in society is like a wheel that is linked to several other wheels, placed in a machine. And this single wheel has no freedom of movement in and of itself, but continues with the motion of the rest of the wheels in a certain direction, to qualify the machine to perform its general role.

And if there is some breakdown in the wheel, the breakdown is not evaluated relating to the wheel itself, but according to its service and role with respect to the whole machine.

The first step on the path to success is to attain a sensation that we are all connected like cogwheels, having no freedom of motion in relation to each other. I cannot spin unless I make this movement together with everyone else. And if others spin, then I have no possibility of not spinning together with them.

Therefore, only by reaching a mutual agreement can we attain movement that will be desirable to all. If the world reveals this law, it will be nothing short of salvation. And if we reveal this in our group, then we will be able to pass that vision on to the world. This must be the main topic of our dissemination; we have to explain the situation.

However, the most effective form of dissemination is if we reveal this absolute, necessary, and mutual connection between all of us. This must be the main thought for us during events such as Unity Day, which is held by our Kabbalistic groups all over the world.

We are returning to the same picture of interconnected cogwheels where none of them has its own freedom of action. No matter what illusions each one may have about it or how mistaken they can be in their blindness, it is still so.

Therefore, I have to tune into the group in order to understand and feel how dependent and connected I am with others – not having even one free movement – not in my heart nor mind, and not in any of my desires, qualities, thoughts, and plans. Everything that I desire, dream of doing, or do in the end depends on others and I won’t be able to do anything unless I reach a mutual agreement and peace with them.

The realization of the mutual dependence in the group, in society, or in all of humanity is the key to correcting the world and correcting man. However, if I am uncorrected, then on one hand this depends on society because it is the society that has corrupted me. After all, a person is a product of social influence. However, didn’t I choose that society and it is not in my power to influence it?

A person cannot tune out from his society in both the good sense and the bad. Therefore, there is no assessment of a separate person, but only of his free choice, meaning what society he has chosen for his growth.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/26/10, “Peace in the World”

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  1. HI,
    If we don’t have .. “not even one free movement – not in my heart nor mind, and not in any of my desires, qualities, thoughts, and plans” .. ect.. then how is one supposed to find that perfect environment to correct, if it seems they don’t have control? Is it because the corrected ones have desired for the others to find the right environment for them? Because I’m not sure how i’ve made it to you BB, but I found it to be so perfect for me right now, and It urges me to desire for others to find the right path as well!

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