Why Wait For The Blows?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf you gain what you so passionately desire by going through a lot of pain, you give thanks for the bad like for the good. Obviously, it isn’t the path of Light, but such is reality. We, however, have to advance only by way of the Light, as it is written: “In Your Light, we shall see Light.”

Why can’t I feel this evil long before it hits me? Why can’t I run ahead of the blow? I know it is possible! If I enter the group, I receive an awareness of my evil from the friends. It isn’t the Light that comes from Above which reveals it to me, but I discover and recognize it on my own.

Making efforts to unite with the friends, I see how unable I am to do so and feel my total uselessness. At the same time, however, I receive the greatness of the goal, cry to the Creator for help, and advance.

Having received the Surrounding Light, I turn to the group again, only to feel resentment once more, and cry out to the Creator again. He provides the Light that Reforms. The Creator draws me closer to Himself and holds me up. I begin to feel, understand, and attain more, thereby moving ahead. Then, the cycle repeats.

This is a non-stop, unbroken action that must be performed at an infinite frequency, and you are to be constantly in it. Moreover, your plea to the Creator and to the group, as well as receiving the Surrounding Light, occurs automatically. One follows the other.

You simply “press the pedal” to move in the right direction. As to how all the “cogwheels” spin in the “engine,” you are not interested in that. So, why wait for the blows?
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/10, Writings of Rabash, Letter 24

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