When We Will Finally Have Luck In Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday’s world is designed in a way that no country can lock itself in and close its borders. If I lock myself out, there will definitely be something wrong inside the country.

We won’t understand why. We will think that we have created a society that supplies itself with all the necessities, like a huge collective farm that provides meat, dairy, fish, and vegetables. We will think that we can have a natural economy independently from everyone else, but no country will be able to accomplish this.

It is not because the country is unable to provide itself with material products like water, electricity, and other natural resources. It’s because this is how it works in nature. All our cogwheels have locked themselves in with each other, and no one can break away from the others.

You will not comprehend why you keep having problems. One time, the cows will stop producing milk, another, the hay won’t grow, or the harvest will get lost. You won’t know where such misfortunes suddenly come from, but it won’t work because, internally, the cogwheels are linked so tightly that you must be connected with the whole world. Today, we will have to explain it to everyone!

However, the G8 or G20 won’t be able to help us unite. Even if everyone agrees to it and decides to lock their hands and hold on to each other, they will cause even greater destruction. They will hold each other’s hand one instant and start a war in the next. If it isn’t for the Creator, for a spiritual purpose, their unity will lead to a world war. It will be worse than when Russia wanted to unify people in this manner.

Therefore, beside the explanations that we are all connected by nature (but not by our own desire which opposes it), we also need to reveal how we can change our desire for unity so that we, by our own will, wish to spin together with all the cogwheels in the right direction. To do this, we need the Light that Reforms and unifies us. However, this is possible solely by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.

First, we can prepare a person by familiarizing him with all the conditions that surround the final moment, when he only needs to be handed the key contained in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Gradually, he will begin to understand that there is a common, mandatory interconnection, and he will learn what our free will implies.

In this manner, we should narrow the circle down until he has left only one unsettled, central question. This is the time when we can give him the answer, and at this point, a person will accept it.

This is how wise we have to make our dissemination so we can approach people gradually, demonstrating to them that it has nothing to do with any stereotypes, mysticism, religion, or Judaism. This is a natural science about how a person can become a harmonious part of this world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains to you the law of nature that governs the world and the inner law within a person. In other words, it explains who you are and how you fit in this world.


From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/26/10, “Peace in the World”

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