When Technology Is Futile

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe want to make our lives better, more comfortable. And that is the correct tendency. The only question is: Do we attach the right intention to it? Do we correct the “human” in us with the help of the Light that Reforms?

On the still, vegetative, and animate levels we can do whatever we want on the condition that our aim is to correct the world, meaning to correct ourselves. But if that is not the case, then no matter what we do, it will bring about troubles, wars, and disasters.

Humanity always developed due to lack of any other choice, fleeing from suffering. Every generation aspires forward because “the press of development” is always about to catch up to it and “squish it.” Thus, man is compelled to run ahead. He does not manage to get things done and doesn’t know why, but he is always rushing ahead.

This happens on the first three levels of development: still, vegetative, and animate. That is how we have rushed ahead over the course of millennia. But today we have reached the limit of development and we see that there is no longer anything or any reason to keep rushing ahead. Technologically, we still have a multitude of opportunities, but what do I need them for? The nanotechnologies are at my service, but what for?

What do I need all of this Internet for? What does it actually give me? It only shows me that I am empty and am wasting my time on garbage. 99% of the “clean” traffic are the troubles that the world would like to get rid of, gossip and sleaze. And does science add anything good to all of that?

If we look at all of this with a focus on development, we will see an excellent means that swiftly reveals our inner emptiness. We must only understand that our problem is not technological.

Technological development has not been exhausted yet, but we have nearly come up against a barrier, the question: What for? Man does not need it and that’s all.

We did not see all of these things during the hippie period even though back then people were already asking the question: What do I need all of this progress for? What’s the use of it? It waters me down and crosses me out, turning me into a machine. This mechanical life does not give me anything. To be born, to grow up, to work, and then to die – that is the entire formula.

Looking at life from this perspective, a person loses all desire for anything and lives unwillingly. And unless the human level in him develops, technological development is also nearing its end.

Even if everything is fine with culture and upbringing, we need deeper results. We need essence, the human grain. Reshimot awaken in us, stimulating the unsatisfied desire, the emptiness that is not filled by all the gadgets of the Internet and all the technology of the world.

So why is it so difficult for us to solve this problem? It’s because technological achievements create an illusion that we will be able to modernize the “human” in us just as easily so he will become better, kinder, and happier. But that is incorrect. In this area we will not achieve anything without the upper, spiritual force. All the “earthly” means of correcting a person will obviously fail.

Thus, humanity will not change the situation until it realizes this.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/10, “Peace in the World

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