Training Under The Creator’s Supervision

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are always inner disturbances present by our side, the Pharaoh that makes us forget about the Creator. How can we fight him?

Answer: We have to love the disturbances! That is, we have to hate them, but with love! It’s as if you have revealed an illness and on one hand, you are happy that you have discovered it, while on the other hand you hate it.

Any disturbance is the Creator’s messenger, intended to direct you, to “mold” you, to set you in order, and to give you a specific form. Everything comes from the One who is Good and Does Good. Therefore, if I now receive any kind of bad response, reaction, or burdening of the heart, then even if I don’t love it, I should at least welcome it with joy.

Yet, we also shouldn’t delve inside all of these disturbances, but ascend above them. We have to accept all of them as help.

How else can we act? Imagine that you are an athlete and there is a coach standing next to you who tells you that you have to jump ten times. But you start to object and argue that you don’t want to jump.

Then he gives you more exercises and you once again refuse to do them. Do you think that this kind of athlete will ever achieve any results? But that is exactly how we behave.
From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s Letter on 12/10/10

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