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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I channel my thoughts through the group?

Answer: In order for us to glorify the Creator in our eyes, value Him as a Giver in whom everything is contained, and to ask Him to replace our tendency, our intention, from receiving to bestowal, He has to withdraw, to hide. Otherwise, we will always be egoistically enslaved by His magnificence, His eternal nature, and all that it promises us therewith.

Thus, the Creator is concealed, as if He has nothing. This way, you don’t depend on Him while remaining in the separation. Instead, you can receive His bestowal through the group. He intentionally broke the will to receive (desire) into parts, in order to demonstrate to it what hate, envy, lust, and ambition are, that is, how diverse a desire may be. Thereby, the desire is able to comprehend itself by looking at others.

In truth, the desire wants to simply receive, without being aware of multiple properties and the shades that it possesses. Tell a regular person that he is made of pride, envy, hate, and he will not believe you. Why should he? He doesn’t see them within.

This requires a very long, special development, not in terms of human evolution, but rather in terms of effort aimed at obtaining contact with the Light. Only then does a person begin to understand these notions correctly: not in terms of human psychology but in the exalted [spiritual] terms, in reference to the Light.

In such case, a person finds himself in a special group. He measures himself not against the “people from the street” but against a unique society that yearns for the Creator and is already beginning to absorb spiritual values. He measures envy, lust, ambition, and the degree of his egoism relative to them. This is how a person starts studying himself: who and what he is.

The Creator is concealed and can’t appear to a person since in this case, a person would want to be “pretty” in His eyes, in order to be part of such Greatness. He holds my life in His hands, so can I ever ignore Him if He were revealed?

Hence, the Creator replaces Himself with the group. I stand against the friends, in opposition to them, which gives me an ability to relate to them according to spiritual values. After all, these spiritual values are contrary to me since they belong to the friends whom I hate and reject.

This gives me an opportunity to gain an awareness of evil and to start getting to know myself while standing before the spiritual reality. The group, the environment, reveals spiritual details of perception to me, its properties and values. By rejecting the group, I reject them too. Thereby, I discover the truth.

If I continue on the path, study with the friends, and participate in their actions aimed against my egoistic desire, in order to unify internally, then gradually, I begin to value the states we are undergoing together as well the values we are talking about. In the degree of my demand, I receive the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) through the group and start bonding with the friends more and more. While doing so, I discover that it is they among whom I reveal the Light, the Creator.

And everything links into one whole; everything becomes one: the Kli (vessel), the Light, and all of the unifying Kelim. In the end, everything comes into one concept, one attainment.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/10, “What is A Big or Small Sin in the Work”

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