The Wall Before You Is Your Next Spiritual Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If people agree that all problems are rooted in our egoism, why then can’t we simply agree to share everything with each other and decide that everything is collective?

Answer: If we declare everything ours and divide it between ourselves, it will not resolve anything. We won’t make the world better, but rather would go back to the “fair” socialistic distribution of goods. This cannot correct the world. This is because the entire world exists solely for us to reveal the Creator.

Without taking this into account, you cut yourself off the source that can change a person. Unless you study the wisdom of Kabbalah in even the smallest degree, you won’t have any power to change human nature. As a result, you will end up in an even greater crisis, if not today, then tomorrow.

We must inject everyone with a dose of authentic wisdom of Kabbalah so that he has the force that affects and transforms him. Otherwise, we will simply start playing a game of building some new society.

However, does the world exist solely for us to build a comfortable material life? We must explain to everybody that this isn’t the purpose for which the world was created. The program of creation is to bring each person, all of human society, to another level of existence: absolute, mutual bestowal in order to unveil the force of total bestowal among us. This force is regarded as the Creator, the Upper Nature.

However, in order to change our nature to the degree that we must achieve, we have to receive an infusion from that level so that the Light that Reforms will affect us. Otherwise, how can we jump onto this degree?

At present, I am standing on the lower level, between the first and the second one, and I see how the higher degree is growing before me like a wall. However, it isn’t a wall; it is merely an ascent to the next degree. It’s just that this step is so exalted that it looks like a wall to me.

How do I leap over it? Kabbalah tells me: “You can do it, just draw the force of the Light to you.” However, we can’t do it alone, not you nor he nor I. It’s only if we unify all together. One person will study more and another less. One part will be performing actions and the other intentions. Everyone will be doing just what suits him or her best.

Not all people are the same: One person doesn’t want to think so much and prefers to act; another solves everything solely in thought. However, when all of them unite as one, everything works out for the best. Both are necessary.

However, we have to explain all of this to a person. He needs to understand life and the world he lives in. How deeply it sinks in is up to him. It makes no difference that one person processes things mostly in the mind and another in his feelings. But everyone will have a connection with the Light.

Therefore, Baal HaSulam writes that everybody has to go back to school. The question is only who should be studying and for how long. After all, everybody studies somehow in order to survive, doesn’t he?

Today, you won’t find a farmer who has not studied somewhere. If you were told that tomorrow there will be a horrible storm and you should learn how to escape it, everyone would agree to study, wouldn’t they? Everyone is forced to learn from natural disasters that are taking place everywhere right now. We offer humanity a way to learn how to achieve happiness, which everybody will be happy to learn.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/29/10, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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