On The Verge Of Hate

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to reach the Light, I must strongly demand it. However, since I am an egoist, this demand has to be rough, on the verge of hate. I, literally, can’t stand this Light, don’t want it, and blame on it everything that happens to me. Indeed, everything is caused by it.

Then, I feel my complete inadequacy to the Light, realizing that it is the Light which made me opposite to it and, now, instills bad feelings in me. From all of this, I get to know the dark void.

Only after I have experienced complete darkness as an advantage (Itaron), I begin to perceive something greater (Yoter) than darkness; I get to know the Light. In other words, I must be rough, coarse, “a great sinner,” in order to reach the state opposite to the Light. Then, I will be able to attain all of its might.

If darkness is felt to a small degree, it is impossible to attain all that the Light carries in itself. It has to truly be an “Egyptian night,” my authentic egoistic desire.

However, in order to experience such a dark void, I need the Light. A person who doesn’t study, doesn’t enter the dark. It is quite opposite! Thanks to the fact that a person draws the Upper Light during the studies, he will find out to what extent he is in the dark. After all, our entire evolution unfolds under the influence of the Light, and it makes us undergo all these phases. A person experiences the Light and darkness in turns, and, thereby, advances.

The experience of darkness is good. Darkness is a transition period between the spiritual states in the process of my development, like day and night.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Light” 12/8/10

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