Lose Some, Win Some….

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: To participate at the convention, one has to pay over $200. Isn’t it a bit much? Besides, as a man and a member of the group, I will be working in the kitchen and doing other chores during the three days of the event, as usual. Why should I be paying for participation?

Answer: I have already given instructions to suspend you from all duties. You may attend the convention as a guest and sit with the audience. We view catering to the others as a reward, not a duty, and are happy to receive an assignment.

The friends from the group will also be paying to attend the convention, despite the fact that they will be working serving others. And that’s exactly what they are paying for. By the way, if you ask them about it, you will hear that the real convention takes place in the kitchen, where during the events in Israel, they are cooking for 7000 adults and 1600 children!

They just have a different mindset. For instance, at the convention you might see a “sale” sign saying: “Sale! Special offer! Such and such book that you can usually buy at 10 dollars now sells for 15 dollars!” Everybody knows that our entire world organization has no sponsors and exists solely thanks to the charity of the friends.

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