It Might Be Difficult, But It’s Wonderful!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The weekly Torah portion "Vaigash" is full of tears, encounters, and dramatic events that touch many people. What is it about this portion that stirs up so many feelings in us?

Answer: A person goes through very tragic and drastic states, including confusion and disorientation. He is like a baby that is in a forest or an absolutely unfamiliar place. He does not know what to do or whom to turn to. He goes through extremely frightening situations and is completely confused.

Usually we get very emotional when looking back at situations we have gone through in life, and similarly, in spirituality when I remember this, I feel overcome by feeling. Granted, now theses memories hold a certain sweetness. You look back to the past with love, the way people look at a child, while in fact, the states were very difficult back then!

A person does not know how to come out of them and without support from a teacher who is by his side, I don’t think it is even possible. Today the whole world has to reach correction and that’s why we have a group and dissemination, which give us a very powerful and expansive support from millions of people who are together with us in one system.

However, at the same time the path remains individual and every person goes through it based on his own inner impressions. These are astounding states! Even if they are very unpleasant at the time you actually go through them, they are still wonderful! They give you the depth of understanding and sensation of the entire creation, which comes later! A person begins to see, feel, and be included in all the worlds simultaneously!

Therefore, we shouldn’t give up on this and must advance. That is how we will come to the "promised land."
From the program "Weekly Torah Portion" on 12/9/10

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