Education Instead Of Career Orientation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is not that we break a person’s character and spoil something in this world. Rather, by disregarding his or her individual properties, we pull certain parts out of the common correction, and without these parts the whole system will not be perfect.

In spirituality, everything has to be perfect. If the entire huge system is missing one little cell, this makes the whole system imperfect. It presupposes a total mutual inclusion, meaning each one in everyone. Each person includes himself into everyone else and contains everyone in him.

This means that even if one is uncorrected, there isn’t one single corrected soul. If one soul is corrupt, this is felt in all the other souls and in the system as a whole. Each defect is accumulative because, being inside one soul, the defect multiplies by spreading onto all the other souls and influences each soul by multiplying due to their mutual inclusion.

That’s why by protecting individual freedom, the Kabbalists are not looking for beautiful relationships between people, but come from the structure of creation, seeing it from beginning to end. Hence, they say that we can’t do as we wish at a given moment, but have to proceed only from the true form, the corrected end state (Gmar Tikkun).

If we have to reach the end of correction, then, today, we have to treat everyone most carefully, considering his personal qualities as our collective property which nothing can replace. We just have to help each other connect with everyone else. This is how relationships should be in society.

Next, each person has to be given the opportunity to develop toward connecting with the rest. He shouldn’t be developed personally, expecting all types of egoistic successes and distinctions. This is what today’s schools are busy doing. They are not educating a person, but just giving a “professional orientation.”

Instead of this, schools need to occupy themselves with educating a person in society in particular. Thanks to this, all his natural capabilities will develop properly in him because all his genes, hormones, and innate qualities exist only for his connection with the rest. All this is directed only toward society and connection.

Otherwise, they would be invisible to us. We see them only because we went through the breaking. That is, each one’s personal qualities are the consequence of the breaking of the collective soul and can be corrected only through connection.

Really, a person has nothing else to do in this world apart from connecting with others. By doing this, he can develop all his personal qualities and natural tendencies in their most optimum form. This guarantees a blossoming of the mind and feelings in their most balanced form.

Furthermore, through a connection with others, he can absorb from them any number of additional qualities, impressions, and feelings, everything he needs. He will be nourished by everyone, by the entire system correctly, and that will enable him to develop harmoniously and perfectly himself.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/10, “The Freedom”

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