Don’t Get In The Way Of The Creator’s Work!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Since I started my spiritual development, I have been experiencing various desires related to the corporeal world. I am constantly trying to shield myself from them, from the desire for power and knowledge, but it is pointless. Does it hinder my advancement?

Answer: Don’t work against your natural impulses and desires. There is no coercion in spirituality. We mustn’t annihilate our desires, violently suppressing and halting them within ourselves. Exist as you always have, as usual, but put all your effort in drawing the Light that Reforms.

Until now, you have been evolving led by your natural instincts given to you at birth as well as by what you received from your upbringing and the impact of the environment that has planted all the values and calculations in you. All this is derived from material nature.

Don’t Get In The Way Of The Creator’s Work!

However, now you are given an opportunity to receive a second nature, so let it develop. Don’t try to do something with it forcefully; it’s forbidden. Don’t interfere in the Creator’s work! Just put all your effort into helping yourself grow spiritually and touch none of your material desires and qualities. Don’t try to defeat them. The power of resistance comes from the Light which makes a restriction in you and hands you a screen.

Being a hero doesn’t mean the external suppression of desire in myself as if it doesn’t matter what is happening inside me and how I look on the outside. This is called the approach of Musar (religious ethics) which is unacceptable from Kabbalah’s perspective.

We need to let the Light that Reforms work, and all our Kabbalistic method is aimed at it. We only have to create the conditions for our point in the heart to grow the entire new world. That is what we are doing, and nothing more.

In the meantime, let us not worry about what is happening with our first nature in the corporeal world. Live, do whatever is necessary for your normal existence, and don’t fight your desires. However, all your attention should be focused on the second part of reality.

What will occur as a result of this second nature and how your first nature will change can’t be known in advance. Perhaps, at some point of your spiritual development you will feel great cruelty or stronger material urges for food, sex, family, power, and wealth.

Don’t try to correct them; just keep drawing the Light. Otherwise, you will only harm yourself. This is a very important warning. It hurts to see how many people get hurt while battling their desires.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/24/10, “Body and Soul”

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  1. That is the real battle and struggle indeed: On one hand one should maintain and go by what he sees and feels from his environment while at the same time keeping to what he aspires to reach and acquire from his studies, the group and from his Rav. No wonder why the Angels lamented why Creator created man so!

    Given such a daunting task, one that even the Angels stopped to ponder, why or what is it in us that blocks us so much that we cannot readily scream and yell out for Creator to help us and how can we earnestly reach it, especially now?

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this article. The damage that comes from fighting ones desires only leads to incredible pain and the desire returns with even greater vengeance. It is a trap that is so easy to fall into.
    The trouble is that we are often afraid of those desires that threaten our own stability
    and the stability of those around us. We do not want those desires to be revealed for fear they will hurt, even emotionally, another. Thus conflict arises between what we feel/desire and those around us. Yet we do not find the strength to renounce. This generates more conflict in other areas of our life. We feel unworthy/angry etc and thus
    even more pain is created. The world is full of this suffering.

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