Does The Process Itself Exist?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur whole work consists of justifying the states that we go through, and then they will seem more comfortable to us. And this depends only on us! After all, all these states are inevitable; all the Reshimot (spiritual genes) must come out, in order, one after another, and be realized until the end of correction.

They are gradually revealed in you in order for you to justify them. And what does it mean to justify them? It means to realize, feel, and understand for what purpose they come, who brings them, why, and in what order.

Thereby you develop yourself, and so much that you begin to include in you the whole creation. This is precisely what the Creator wants from you! This is why He does not give you the final form; you wouldn’t feel or understand anything in it. Instead, He leads you through the whole sequence of actions.

But does this process truly exist? It doesn’t! There is no beginning, no end, and nothing at all! There is one perfect state. The Creator stretches it out from beginning to end, like a rubber band, implanting the ego, the evil inclination, or the desire for pleasure, into His own action. And then you can go through all these states in order, from beginning to end, all the while perfecting your sensations and mind.

This helps you understand the whole process of creation, from two opposites: from darkness – to Light. And if this were one state, you would not be able to differentiate between anything, since you are a created being. You need two states in order to feel and elucidate one against the other.
From a lesson on Baal HaSulam’s Letters 11/26/10

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  1. So long as we are incomplete, we simply cannot perceive the unity.

    Do you remember the loading zone in the matrix? Giant White space where anything is possible upon demand, like the ultimate blank book. This is all that really is, the infinite upon command. But think of a baby in such a place, it would cry and look around for it’s mother or something to do. Unless we are ready for it, it is actually a very very very terrible thing to behold. The blankness is felt as darkness, not light. Such a thing can not be enjoyed or even made useful, unless at first it is taken away. This terrible world, is the only thing that can create hunger for the infinite, and then it is enjoyed as the most glorious thing ever.

    The only real correction seems to be, the change in how we relate to infinity

    much love

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