Cure For Lethargy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It has been several weeks since I found myself in a fog that has blocked years of studies. I barely understand the words. If it weren’t for the group, I wouldn’t be here anymore. No matter how much effort I make, nothing can bring me out of it. What should I do?

Answer: This shows that you have made a profound effort. You probably participated in the convention and our collective states, you received an enormous amount of Light, and now in this Light you see that you don’t merit the revelation of the property of bestowal. Your desires (Kelim) don’t need bestowal yet, and they subconsciously reject it.

Thus, we are dealing with the state of fog, fatigue, confusion, helplessness, and unwillingness. Everything is clear except one thing: Why I can’t assert myself above all these feelings, these psychological obstacles? Why am I unable to detach myself from it and determine what is happening to me? After all, this is how a physician diagnoses a patient as well.

If you examine yourself thoroughly, you will see that you are going through the correct state, the right stage on the spiritual path. In fact, our sages tell us that one is never lowered in spirituality, rather one is always elevated.

And yet, how long will it take you to awaken from your slumber? That is up to you. Are you hastening the time? Your condition is favorable for advancement, but you must detach from it and move on as soon as possible.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/10, “Introduction from The Book of Zohar, Article “Mother Lends Her Clothes to Her Daughter”

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  1. I have found that they occur in cycles, and cycles within cycles. The fun part is when you know for a fact that ‘This too shall pass’ thus even in the greatest fog, He is not forgotten.

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