Convention Impressions, Part 4

Excerpts from people’s letters sharing their impressions of the last convention: “I participated in the convention virtually. On the second day, during the lecture “The Purpose of the Group,” after numerous inner efforts and unity, I, like many others, hit the “membrane” that the Light was beaming behind.

I didn’t get disappointed by it (deep inside, I had suspected that breaking through the Machsom wasn’t going to be that easy). At that moment, I realized that whatever was taking place was not a dream but reality. I didn’t have doubts from the very beginning, but I’ve gained even more confidence, and my strength got renewed.

I am standing in front of the “membrane” looking at the Light glowing behind it… It is so hard to match the Creator’s qualities. I let it go. Later, I feel an iron grip of egoism on my throat, and again, back to our goal, with all that I have.

I am still a total ignoramus about the terms in Kabbalah, but I am trying. We will break through. I am with you with every fiber of my soul. Le’Chaim!”

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