You Must Be Ready For Me!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator cannot create us complete, equivalent to Himself. Rather, through our own efforts we have to promote gradual development, step by step, up to His level. The Creator’s anticipation is constant, meaning that He always waits for us to exert effort to be similar to Him, like that of a child who wishes to become a grown-up.

All of creation is aimed at the final state of existence; all of creation is the preparation for it. Everything we undergo is aimed at getting us ready for the revelation. What will we reveal? We will find the place where we and the Light are always present, but which is currently concealed from us by our own uncorrected properties. It is as if we dissipate the fog in the place we are in right now.

We have never left it, and the Creator has never gone from it either. We simply lost the ability to feel Him, and He disappeared from our sensations, “puffed into the air.” And now we, ourselves, are preparing to feel Him by constantly exploring within ourselves the quality of bestowal, thus causing the appearance of His image “out of the fog.” Our exit down from Infinity into the corporeal world and our return back to it is our preparation for the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun) of our sensory organs so that we may feel the Creator.

Everything depends on the preparation. Let’s take, for instance, a performance of a symphony orchestra. The uneducated listener will simply not understand where he is. He was hoping to see something interesting, brought a bag of chips and a can of Coke with him, but instead of an expected show, he got the “symphony in B-flat.”

And next to him sits a savvy connoisseur of music who catches every note with ravishing awe. The latter experiences an unforgettable gamut of sensations and the former is unable to fall asleep only because he is too irritated. Everything depends on the preparation. The prepared one enjoys, and the unprepared suffers.

If we experience a negative sensation when we hear about joining in absolute good, it is only because we are not sufficiently prepared. Therefore, now, before the Convention begins, we must be concerned solely about the preparation. Having strengthened the parts of the collective Kli, we will experience the result of our effort in it.

It is as if the Creator is giving us a flattering response, and we must be very serious about it. We build the entire foundation within by ourselves, and on His part, there won’t be any changes since Infinity is invariable. So, will we be able to feel that which already exists?

Ultimately, we need to keep our hearts opened wide, that is, have the correct desire aimed at mutual bestowal. Let us hope that in the coming days we will achieve this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/10,  Rabash, Letter #40


  1. We will achieve this, but we must not retreat from what it opens in us. It can be frightening at first to feel the entire universe focused on one’s self, or to have one’s self entirely focused on the universe, but especially both as one is particularly powerful and intimidating even more than just one or the other. That is mainly what prevents us from walking through at any moment. It is simply too enormous and good to be true so we “forget” about it. The ramifications of “it” being true have no end…

  2. May we merit a greater revelation of the Creator during this convention.

  3. G_d created us in His own image. How does that fit into what you are implying in this shiur or Drasha. Please explain how creation in His own Image differs from your first statement…….inter alia.. not complete.
    Greatful to know why you start your statement this way?


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