Working In The Name Of Joy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We talked about feeling joy from fulfillment, but what about feeling joy while exerting effort to achieve it?

Answer: I feel hate and resentment toward someone, and I have to build the attitude of love above it so as to fill him, thereby fulfilling myself. To achieve this, I exert certain effort for I must work above my egoism. If I channel the Light through me in order to fill the others, I transform my egoism into “help against it,” and instead of receiving, egoism works in bestowal. For me, this is a challenge, and I must convince myself that it makes sense.

On one hand, thanks to the fact that I channel the Upper Light through myself to someone else, my egoism gets pleased. On the other, I am attaching the desire that I am fulfilling to myself, and it becomes part of me, which also pleases me. I receive the Light from the Creator and the Light that returns to me in the form of spiritual feedback from fulfilling the other.

If I attached another’s desire to myself, it is called “love another as you love yourself.” This is described as “the righteous get rewarded twice.” Beside the fact that their own will to receive gets filled, they take pleasure in fulfilling the desire of another.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Happiness” 10/28/10

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