Why Does The Creator Keep Being Concealed From You?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWho is the Creator? The Creator is the general quality of bestowal and love. That is why He is concealed from you, since He is entirely bestowing, while you are an egoist, a receiver. That is why you do not feel Him.

Does He really conceal Himself? It is you hiding Him and not wanting to recognize Him! You say, “If only You would give me egoistic pleasure, which I desire right now. Then I would get to know You. Do you want to give me pleasure by bestowal? Well, I want to enjoy by reception!”

And that is the entire problem. No one conceals the Creator from you. You are inside Him and there is none else besides Him! But look at what kind of world you perceive yourself in….

Canceling your ego does not mean canceling your desires. It’s only the negation of the egoistic intention for your own sake. I don’t need to limit myself in any way. I must only limit my egoistic intentions and increase my intentions “for the sake of bestowal.” We don’t touch the actual desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/17/10, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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  1. “It is you hiding Him and not wanting to recognize Him” sorry Rav, it is not true, He is making me hiding from Him and more… I would want to recognize Him.

  2. What is the difference between the ego and the will to receive?

  3. We read the sacrifice of itzach, which is also the sacrifice of abraham at some point and understand it as a spiritual manoeuver. OK. Yet, the form of this sacrifice is ultimate: not an ox or a bird but a son. Though we understand the root aspect of it, when the beast gets suddenly scared when in this world, the physical son is late, or gives no news, then a tremendous fear irrupts. And suddenly all spirituality is washed out: at this very moment i dont trust the creator anymore: He becomes the jealous God who may punish me strike me with some devastating news. All faith is, almost, gone, facing this supreme, apparent, possible, “Beito”, from the side, the whole of reality is upside down. Because this kind of thing happen to people. How do i know if i deserve such a blow? How would i react? What would happen to “being and doing good”? What kind of an hypocrit am i with my “spirituality in time of peace”.

    Meaning the sacrifice of Abraham / Isaac gives the measure of faith. The measure of fear. The degree of abraham seems a start on the path with respect to chesed and the end with respect to gevura.(maybe not even an end?)
    This is not to express doubt. Not at all. But it shows how humble one should be to remain. And this humbleness, isn’t it in itself some calculation to “trade” with the Creator. Reception. How difficult and scary is the path Of truth when the beast discerns the jealous God. The jealousy of the creator exposes dramatically the exact level of weakness and fraud and egoism in me. Some degree below: moshe under the fire of Sandalfon? Always this subtle up-downward and down upward, aleph – tav and tav-aleph, right and left.

    May it be granted to all the to expose our heart,
    flowing with the group.

    Beyadka afkid ruchi, tomidah oti Adonai El Emet.

    My boy was very late tonight, what a pityful Abraham was i. Yet there was a tiny Shaky part looking from aside. Pfffffffff! Piece of cake! 🙂

    Kol tuv rav
    Eli feruch

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