What Should You Spend Your Time On?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if at The Zohar lesson I feel like I am just wasting my time? Should I try to overcome this by faith above reason and suppress this sensation?

Answer: There are studies on human life showing that out of 70 years that we have to live, we spend 30 years sleeping, another 10 years eating, 5 years washing and doing an enormous amount of other things until at the end, after accounting for all these years, we have about one free day left – so what will you do during that day? You’ll probably sleep through it….

That’s why I ask you: What fills up your life so much that you feel sorry wasting your time on The Zohar lesson? Just think about how you live in this world for 70 years and then die, whereas here you have the opportunity to reveal eternal life. So perhaps it’s worthwhile to work for it a little.

You can persuade yourself and lie to yourself as much as you want; anything to stay in touch with this source. When a person comes to Kabbalah he first imagines something imaginary and unreal. However, we understand that the world to come is the quality of bestowal in which the Creator becomes revealed.

That’s when we acquire attainment and understanding of the Upper World. If you have attained this in your Kelim, that means it is yours and it doesn’t matter whether you are alive or your biological body has died.

The animate body was given for you to start with and to accompany you so that by starting with it you will be able to attain spirituality. Once you attain it, it means you have won, and if you haven’t attained it, you will receive another chance to do it later on.

Therefore, if the Creator has given you this opportunity and you are already sitting in the group reading Kabbalistic books, that means from now on the problem is only inside you. So don’t miss this opportunity!

Alternatively, you can decide that you do not agree with the Creator and go back to your regular life: “The shop is open and anyone can come in and borrow, but the Hand writes….”
From the lesson on 11/25/10, The Zohar

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  1. Dear Rav,

    For a couple of days, especially during the reading of the Zohar but also during the rest of the lesson, I stop thinking about the connection with others, and it is as if the Creator was sending me visions about my future, and also about people I used to know. Whereas I do feel at the same time a lot of energy, and am pretty much consumed by it (as if being on another level of reality) I do not particularly feel connected to the group during these experiences. It is as if during those moments the Creator was speaking to me only… And while I feel totally connected to what He is “telling” me, I kind of forget about the group. Is this wrong or isn’t this what you describe as feeling that, in the entire reality, there is only the creature and the Creator?

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