This Work Is Not Easy…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it painful for egoism to nullify itself?

Answer: This depends on the importance of the goal. We are forced to nullify ourselves in this world as well: At work we have to follow the orders of our supervisors, at home we have to take care of our children, provide for our family, and so on.

After I’m done with all my obligations I have only about an hour or two of left for personal time. It turns out that I constantly nullify myself, having no other choice as I am obligated to live. However, I receive the reward inside my egoism!

On the other hand, here we are rejecting egoism in order to receive something more important: spiritual life, eternity, perfection, and harmony. For now we don’t feel the importance of this reward, and the environment has to convince us of this.

In our case I have chosen an environment and I am connected to everyone. Never in history has there been a state the likes of which we are in today. We are the first generation of correction, and we have already merited to receive the method and to begin realizing it together, among thousands of friends.

So what is left for us to do? We have to nullify ourselves! If we do this together, then it will be easy for everyone. That is exactly how it will happen!
From the lecture on Unity Day 10/31/10

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