The Israeli Newspaper Maariv About The Convention

The most popular Israeli newspaper “Maariv (Evening) published a big article about the recent Convention:

Excerpts from the article: Roberto from Mexico walks up onto the stage in a gigantic hall filled with thousands of participants. He is choking on tears and is barely able to speak.

Suddenly, we hear the words, as if he found a string in his throat: ‘You are my family,’  he says. ‘And I cannot live without you.’ The audience is crying. They will cry when Alexander from Russia will ask everybody to join the good within, and when Reuben from the United States will ask everybody to close their eyes and think about this special day.

Reporter: ‘I don’t understand why people are crying here. Do you?’

Alexander Demidov: ‘They are crying because they didn’t know that they would find so much warmth here, that everything here would be so close and true. It is like you suddenly discover you have a son. And you didn’t know he existed, that he is so nice, strong, and handsome.

This is what I feel when I see people from Japan and Turkey here, the people who say that we are closest to them. I didn’t cry because I am not that sensitive, but I felt short of breath.’

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  1. I’m extremely happy about the article. The Convention was marvellous and it is hard to express what big impact it had on people!

  2. Reporter: ‘I don’t understand why people are crying here. Do you?’

    I still don’t understand why I cry when the Olympic Torch is lit. Or when a lady bug lands on my windowsill…

    One thing I do know is this:

    When I met my family, I knew that I was home. All I can say is that they are
    mine. There are no questions. I just look through them and I know.

    Sandra El. Watson

  3. I was there too. It truly impacted me in the most fundamental sense that until now everything that I do with my group is influenced by this experience in Israel. ARVUT!

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