Outsmart Your Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanDon’t try to be “clever ones” or “heroes” and fight egoism using your own powers. Nothing is more foolish than that! Who can resist nature? Is it even possible?

Our work is to rise above our egos, which means drawing the force of the Light and with it, rising above egoism as if it doesn’t exist. This does not mean suppressing the ego and drifting peacefully through life. Our egoism remains, and we realize that it is the Creator who gives us such a large reserve of desire. But we wish to be above it.

I do not annihilate my ego since this is what I rise above. But at the moment, I don’t take it into count concerning my relations with the friends, regardless of how dreadfully arrogant, insolent, envious, and driven by power or honor each of them might seem. None of this matters; all I know is that “love will cover all sins.” You with a gun and me with a knife in hand embrace each other and make all decisions based on love.

Everybody thinks that he is right, yet each nullifies himself. Love means that I accept another’s decision and they accept mine, and in this way we arrive at a common agreement that allows us to make a decision at a higher level. We have risen above our collective hate to our common love.

Try to do this in the group, and you will feel a third component within: the Creator! You will feel that you either lack Him or that He is already present within you.

This is a very practical type of work, as all of Kabbalah is: “Come and see (Bo-Reh)”; “We shall do, and we shall hear” are absolutely practical things we need to implement right now.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/10, “The Freedom”

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  1. The ego finds an identity only observing in the differences that it sees between other individuals and the environment. When the light illuminates us we are given a different perspective depending on our equivalence of form with it which lies in our underlying intentions. Depending on the amount of light that is able to enter us a perspective and new reality allows us to see a new relationship with individuals and the environment around us. It is first the equivalence of form of our intention that allow the light to enter which gives us the power to bestow love to others. With out the light none of this can occur.

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