One Desire With Two Intentions

Dr. Michael Laitman“And the children struggled together within her” (Genesis, 25:22). This refers to intentions. The Creator created the desire to enjoy and no changes have occurred within it whatsoever.

In order to help us become independent, however, the desire to enjoy has been concealed from us. It becomes revealed within us (although we feel that it happens in front of us) to the extent that we are able to cope with it.

To “cope with a desire” means to replace Esau, an egoistic intention that originates from the wrong environment, with Jacob, an altruistic intention that is produced inside the right environment. Choosing the correct environment is the only choice. The desire itself remains intact.

In order to correct, let’s say, 10 ounces of egoistic desire that emerges within me, I use all sorts of remedies that are given to me from Above. I transition from the wrong environment to the right one and thus expose myself to the influence of the group, the books, and the teacher until they turn into the Creator for me. In other words, I see the Upper Force behind them and start to understand that there is no one beside the Creator.

Due to the environment and my ability to see the Creator through it, I am able to modify my intention. Previously, I received and bestowed for the sake of receiving, but now I am able to apply a restriction (Tzimtzum) to my intention, which means that I can also apply it to the desire that “acts under” this intention. With the Light’s help, I begin to bestow for the sake of bestowal, and later on I am able to receive for the sake of bestowal.

Each desire has two intentions: to receive for its own sake or to bestow to the friends. This is the reason for the fight, and the decisive role in it is given to the environment. How does Esau or Jacob wake up within me? Are my intentions for the sake of receiving or for the sake of bestowal? Both of them fight over one desire inside one person, “they struggle within him.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/1o, “And the Children Racketed Within Her”

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