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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the foundation of a person’s aspiration that moves him to turn to the Creator?

Answer: Aspiration can come only from the group. When I strive to unite with the friends, I receive additional desire from the exalted nature of the goal, and most importantly, the realization of my own powerlessness, an awareness of our inability to help each other or achieve something on our own.

In my essence, I am a little egoist who always justifies himself. However, when I connect with the friends, I learn from them. Whether I like it or not, I watch them and see that they are all weak. When everybody is weak, it affects me in a different manner, unlike when I feel weak myself.

The sensation of incapacity that I receive from them contains an element of the breaking. Within myself, I don’t feel it since the breaking occurred between us, outside of me, in relation to the others. Having attempted to become one in order to find the Creator in the connection between us, we discover our inability to do so.

This is exactly what we discovered during the recent Convention: the revelation of the breaking. From now on, we have to understand: What are we to accomplish with this revelation that we are facing? We have come to a disappointment, for we have found that we are unable to mutually connect. What do we do now? Should we abandon this path?

We have stumbled upon this wall for the first time, and now we have only one remedy: to turn to the Creator for help. After all, on our own, we are unable to break through it. We have to openly admit that we clearly see the state we are in and cannot fight it.

While trying to unite during the Convention, we found how cold the air became all at once and how frustrated we are on the path. This froze us up and we seemed to have been chained within the will to receive pleasure, unable to take even one step toward oneness. And that is something we have to clearly understand.

Now, we have to acknowledge that “A prisoner cannot release himself out of prison,” and I cannot do it either. This is excellent. The next step after becoming aware of my incapacity is to ask the Creator to do it.

If you ask Him while being in this particular state, you will receive what you ask. After all, it was you who found the place where you are unable to do anything. Before, you had nothing to turn to the Creator with. Now, the time has come.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/16/10, The Zohar

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  1. Now is the time. yes! Bracking point and governing to fully accept and intergrate the required correction.

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