Learning To Love Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe science that leads us to receiving pleasure and fulfillment and brings us the sensation of comfortable, eternal, and complete life without a slightest recollection of any loss or lack is called the wisdom of Kabblah. It is a science that teaches how to obtain comfort in life by joining the good. After all, this is our true desire and nature.

We shouldn’t try to conceal or decorate it, or deceive ourselves. On the contrary, we need to discern what is worth desiring and, in accordance with that, clarify what our greatest desire is and what pleasure it can bring. Therefore, the entire wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed to us so that we aim at the correct goal, the correct desire, and then cultivate it as much as possible.

However, in order to perceive the Creator, we must realize that the sensation of pleasure is only possible if I am equivalent to this pleasure, to the Creator. To receive pleasure from Him means to understand and feel Him. And this means that we have to be like Him, meaning to bestow, to give. But first, I have to comprehend what it means, and then I will be receiving His delights.

To the degree that I adapt to and resemble Him, become similar to Him, to that degree I begin feeling Him and delight in Him. Hence, the essence of our work lies in becoming similar to the Creator. The more I resemble Him, the closer I am to Him, the better I understand and feel Him.

But if I wish to merge with certain pleasures, it means I love them. Wanting to merge with the Creator, we, thereby, bond with the pleasure of bestowal, meaning that we have to love this quality.

How do we achieve it? That is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is all about. As soon as we learn to love the quality of love and bestowal, we will immediately begin to understand, feel, and enjoy the Creator.
From the Introductory Lecture “Kenes-Springboard” 11/2/10

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